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Hunting & Agritourism Agency
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No visa is required to travel to Serbia. For those who travel by car, it is sufficient to show a valid passport or an identity card and our  invitation letter.
For those who travel by aeroplane, it is obligatory to have the passport.


The Serbian currency is the Dinaro, but euro is also accepted.
There are no limits on the import or export of other currencies.


All main roads are asphalted. A green card is valid for the current year also in Italy (see map)


Hunters can export temporarily one or two guns with the “European card” as long as they are of different calibre. All borders require a weapon transit fee to be paid.
It is therefore recommended to rent a gun in Doroslovo.


Serbian customs permits the import of 200 cartridges together with the weapon. Additional Italian and Serbian cartridges of calibre 20 or calibre 12 with the requested pellets, over the 200 permitted by customs, can be ordered at the agency at the local price.

Rifles & Guns

Local automatic “Franchi” brand guns calibre 12 and calibre 20 are available at reasonable prices in either repetition shotgun or rifle versions. To rent a gun, a firearms permit is required.


To bring dogs into Serbia, you need to have a “European passport” complete with anti rabies vaccination and a veterinarian’s certificate of good health, issued in the 15 days before entry into Serbia.




  • An identity card is all what you need to enter Romania, there are excellent direct flights from Verona, Milan, Bergamo, Florence, Bologna, Rome both Ciampino/ Fiumicino airports, Bari and Ancona. Thus there are excellent options for 2, 3 and 4 day hunting holidays.
    AUSTRIAIRLAIN also provides flights via Vienna from all of the principal Italian cities, every day.
  • If you travel by car and you have to pass through different countries, it is advisable to travel with a passport.
  • The currency of Romania is the Lei, but euro is also accepted.
  • All of the main roads are asphalted. The green card is also valid in Romania.
  • Hunters may export one or two guns, of the same or different calibres along with 100 cartridges for each gun.


To bring dogs into Romania, you need to have a “European passport” complete with anti rabies vaccination and a veterinarian’s certificate of good health, issued in the 15 days before entry into Romania.

Hunters are required to send, by fax at least 10 days before travel, the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of firearms certificate or a hunter’s license
  • Name, surname, series and passport number
  • Insurance for the period of hunting in Romania
  • Description of gun: brand, calibre, matriculation: the gun must be accompanied by a “European card”
  • Date of entry
fucili fucili mappa licenza porto fucile passaporto animali porto armi
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