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"Re di Quaglie"


Donau; Duna; Dunav; Dunarea: a lot of names in different languages, but a unique river: the “Beatyful Blue Danube“ of nineteenth century and romantic memory.

A immense and millenary road, that is the second river in Europe with 2.860 km of length and 6.500 mc of capacity.

An international river that was born in the Black Forest and goes trough eight countries and flows into the Black Sea. Always quiet, even during its apocalyptic floods; always huge; always essential; always full of fish of every kind and size.

The Danube is the very creator of the endless “Basin of Pannonia“ made fertile by its slow and millenarian running water.

At 6 km west from the Re di Quaglie, the Danube appears to wrap itself up; islands break its flow; it gives water to a number of canals that flows across the plain and then back into the river again.

One of these canals, the Kanal DTD runs very close to the houses of Re di Quaglie and boats will soon be available in a little but equipped berth to navigate it.

In a slow and quiet navigation, all the area will be practicable also via water and will show new fashionable and unknown aspects.

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