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There are many attractions with easy reach of the Re di Quaglie estate: cities, nature parks, artistic, historic and natural itineraries.

Among these cities there is Belgrade, the ancient magnificent and fascinating Serbian capital that is less than 150 km distance, at the confluence of the Save with the Danube. It can be reached in less than one and a half hour drive, thanks to the motorway that loses each day more of its high way appearance to take on that of a modern and functional means of communication.

So, little is required to “drop” in to admire the splendour of one of the European capitals that is both ancient and modern at the same time. A capital that, throughout the centuries, has woven significant traces of different cultures into its fabric.

It is a metropolis that is rich with historical events -  and more recent ones – that have made it a symbol of beauty and strength and a city renowned and admired by millions of people.

From Doroslovo, the home of the Re di Quaglie  estate, you can reach Belgrade by passing through Novi Sad, the rich and active capital of Vojvodina, that is vibrant with activity. The city, that lies near the Danube river, is a lively cultural, educational and culinary centre, so much so that it has earned the title of “ Serbian Athens”. The imposing “Petrovaradin fortress” is incredible.

Nature lovers should not miss the national Fruska Gora park. It lies 90 km from the Re di Quaglie estate and is a place that has not yet been ruined by pollution and stress of modern life. Thanks to careful preservation, Fruska Gora remains rich with varied fauna and flora. Furthermore, the forest surrounds 18 orthodox monasteries, dating from the XV to XVIII centuries.

Sremski KarlovciHeading from Fruska Gora to the Danube is the Sremski Karlovci centre. It is a baroque city with a fascinating and majestic charm and it remains one of the main centres of Serbian social and spiritual life.

Not to be forgotten is the famous spa of Apatin,  a town on the Danube just 6 km from “Re di Quaglie” with its famous “Junakovic” spa and large thermal baths.

Continuing south from Voivodina, 40 km from Doroslovo, in the town of  Bodjan, where it is possible to visit the ancient 15th-16th century monastery; only 18 km from Doroslovo, at Bac, the famous towers constructed in the 14th century can be admired.

SomborIn the north, near the Hungarian border, about ten kilometres away, you can visit Sombor, one of the most green cities imaginable with an attraction typical of a lively city of the eighteen hundreds. One of the most important palaces to visit is the Zupanija imperial palace dating from 1808; it has 365 rooms, exactly the same number as the days in a year. Inside you can enjoy the largest Serbian painting:  4 x 7 metres. In the Catholic church of  Sombor there is the second largest organ in Europe.

SuboticaA further sixty kilometres away is Subotica, an important pivotal point between Serbia, Hungary and Romania that stands at the centre of an area rich in picturesque lakes. The Palic lake, should not be missed as it is the largest and most pleasant. It is full of natural trails for bikes and horse treks and it boasts an impressive Bell’époque style architecture.

Castello di Buda - BudapestFrom here it is easy to reach Budapest. This is a city of two souls, divided in two by the river Danube and it magically combines the old and the new. On the right bank is Buda, the ancient side full of historical monuments and signs of the original centre. On the other bank, Pest, the modern face of the Hungarian capital and the administrative and social centre of the city. 

Finally, for those who love castles, we suggest a trip to Becej (approximately 70 km from Doroslovo) to the FantastCastle, the ancient home of Dundjerki. The imposing walls suggest a trip to the past, to the glorious days of the love story between Bogdan Dundjerski and his beloved Mara.

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