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Hunting & Agritourism Agency
"Re di Quaglie"

The nature and agricolture

There are numerous elements that can make an area attractive. Sometimes mountains, sometimes the sea and its shores, sometimes lakes and gentle hills. The Vojvodina antique charm is gifted by the fertile countryside with extraordinary crops.

This region is so prosperous that Roman called it Pannonia and choose it as the Empire granary. Centuries have passed but this property is unchanged. On the contrary, for modern men, the Vojvodina fertile country acquires a special charm.

albicoccheThe richness of water and natural fertilizer, guaranteed by an important zootechnical industry, makes the soil suitable for every crop, especially for corn, cereals, sunflowers, fruit trees as plums, apricots and walnuts.

uvaWithout overlooking orchard production, the wine industry has become increasingly important. All done, and this is an important fact, respecting the severe laws governing “organic” agriculture. Just as is carried out at "Re di Quaglie", where healthy agricultural products are produced for human consumption but also for animal consumption and particularly tasty meats; whether they are cows, pigs or sheep and game.

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