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The breed: characteristics

Defined as the most elegant horses in the world, the LIPIZZANER is a particular breed of horses, of medium stature, compact and sturdy. They reach a height of  160 cm, measured by rope.

The Head has a beautiful shape, where the Arab influence is often very noticeable while the profile resembles that of ancient Spanish breed.
The eyes are lively and the look is intelligent. The ears are flat, the neck is high, muscular and solid, the mane and the tail are thick while the hair is fine like silk.
The body  is large, stout and solid, the withers are  not very pronounced and the shoulders are pitched and toned.
The legs are strong and muscular, the flanks are well defined and large. The hooves are robust, small and well formed. The gait is high and very graceful, energetic and proud, dignified and unique.
The Coat is either a uniform grey or white.

The Lipizzaner is an agile and athletic horse and his docile character makes him extremely suitable to high school. He is much used in sporting events and equestrian tourist treks in addition to being used as a saddle and carriage horse.
The Lipizzaner is slow to mature and thus has great longevity. All the beauty and charm of the Lipizzaner horse is highlighted in his movement and this makes him ideal for shows.

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