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The Restaurant - The Bar

In the recently renewed restaurant, you can taste an surprising variety of dishes: Italian menu with Verona’s tradition influence, courses typical of Serbian rural tradition. Everything is prepared by the cooking staff under the serious and careful supervision of the master of house.

ristoranteAt the restaurant, you can eat the tasty local game, fish dishes like the tradition soup, the sturgeon and the pike. Morover, biologically grown vegetable and other speciality from Doroslovo and the Danube waters.

Finally, to season everything, you can use the oil and wines produced by Arvedi d’Emilei Family on the shores of the Lake of Garda.

After the table pleasure, the guests can meet under a gazebo or in the carachteristic bar to sip a drink and have an affable conversation.

The restaurant has almost 350 places and can house special parties and congresses with numerous participants.

barClose to the restaurant, there is a well provided bar ready to fulfil every need of a elegant client with every kind of drinks and international liquors.

ristorante ristorante Ingresso Ristorante ristorante ristorante ristorante bar
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