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There are territories which cannot be envisioned without the presence of horses. Vojvodina is one of these, just like the endless plains of Asia or the boundless pampas of South America.
The very history of these territories has been written – for the most part – by the hooves of these loyal friends of man. Agriculture, commercial transport, military expeditions, daily travel and recreational activities have been carried out with horses. Or rather together with them. Up to the point that the horse has become a part of the family, or the rural community and the whole region. Unfortunately, today’s man, since he abandoned his four hoofed friend and has been overcome by the use ( and abuse) of sophisticated cars, television, cell phones, internet and other terrible technologies, seems to have lost some of his humanity.
Luckily, however, times are changing and we are witnessing an ever increasingly passionate  rediscovery of the horse. Of course we no longer need them for turning the soil or for transportation but his very presence helps us to enjoy a more acceptable and natural lifestyle. Marking time to the rhythmic sound of the familiar gait and the reassuring squeak of the carriage wheels that plough the shady banks of  the canal or the majestic Danube.
This magical atmosphere is not the fruit of poetic licence or the nostalgic fantasy of days gone by. On the contrary, this is the suggestive reality that is lived out each day in a magical rural area of Northern Serbia. Here the large European river seems to stretch out in slow wide  turns from which arteries of canals leave and return, irrigating the fertile alluvial plains  between Sombor and Novi Sad. An uncontaminated clove of land where nature has flourished with the famous thermal waters from roman times.
CarrozzeWe are of course speaking of Doroslovo, a small centre of agriculture that in recent years has found new life thanks to the passion and commitment of a noble man from the Veneto region who has rediscovered in this uncontaminated land, a genuine and unpolluted spirit of the country of its infancy and brought it back to life in the estate of “Re di Quaglie”.
It was indeed an act of love – if it can be said -  that in the purchase and restoration, brought about with moving philological approach, of houses, courtyards, land and stables, Count Piero, invested considerable amounts and much time and effort of entrepreneurial spirit. It is truly a great labour of love that made him share with the local inhabitants of the region, the dark years of bombing and difficult international relations.
Today, in a more serene, cooperative and European climate, the rural area of Doroslovo, has returned to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the end of the eighteen hundreds and the first serene years of the nineteen hundreds.
Only a short visit is necessary to bask in the fantastic atmosphere that is almost surreal and fairy tale like. Among the luxurious gardens that are rich with organic fruit, there are the houses of old, with the same picturesque architecture that veil with complete discretion all the modern comforts, today considered impossible to live without.
The decor is  refined, rich with antique pieces, among which are unparalleled antique stoves of perfectly restored majolica. The modern comforts are not lacking such as satellite televisions, thermal spas and an international cuisine that is at the same time natural and simplistic. There is also a splendid swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness centre and beauty farm.
Amidst this representation of Eden, there are hidden extraordinary gems such as the equestrian stables. Here the sensitivity  and passion of Count Piero were unleashed without limit and a true jewel was created among the secular trees. The horses  are splendid Lipizzaner horses that have few equals: the stables are completely made of wood following modern designs with daily vet assistance and on hand passionate experts who are available from morning to night and train and care for each animal.
There are comfortable and refined changing rooms for the riders, saddle rooms, sand rings for schooling and competitions. And finally, an enviable collection ( that is continually increasing) of antique carriages perfectly working that can be used for long treks through the woods and the country side. Here rarely will you meet a car but have more chance of seeing a hare or a deer or the flight of flocks of partridges or aquatic birds while high in the sky, buzzards and graceful storks can be admired on the nests constructed on each chimney.

CarrozzaThe  “Re di Quaglie” estate is perfectly organised in all aspects and is thus suited to every type of activity such as dressage and schooling. There are covered rings of deep even sand, an essential requirement for equestrian activity at the higher level, with the maximum of comfort and security. Changing rooms and saddle rooms are provided with all of the comforts and top quality equipment.
 “Re di Quaglie” has a beautiful and interesting collection of antique carriages, and  in continual expansion thanks to the meticulous research carried out by count Piero in the vast countryside of Serbia and Hungary.
There are suggestive trails for excursions in the comfortable carriages drawn by horses that are tranquil and reliable. You can enjoy the ample beauty of the surroundings and the fauna of an uncontaminated and fascinatingly rich nature along the river of the great Danube.

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