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Hunting & Agritourism Agency
"Re di Quaglie"

Sport and fun

The village of Re di Quaglie not only offers relaxation and wonderful cuisine. For clients requiring sporting activities, the agritourism estate offers the best in healthy, fun and relaxing physical exercise.

sport e divertimentoStarting with the outdoor swimming pool, with nearby  changing rooms, showers and toilets, surrounded by a straw gazebo, tables and comfortable chairs where you can rest and sunbathe while enjoying a fresh drink.

FitnessAt the "Re di Quaglie" we focus on the wellbeing of our guests, thus we have set up a small fitness and wellness centre, from  the idea that harmoniously integrated physical health and more precisely  wellbeing, can only be achieved through the perfect combination of healthy life and diet, physical activity and an outdoor holiday as it can only be found at Doroslovo.

Everything at Doroslovo is lush and, for those of you who enjoy walking there is nothing more rewarding or relaxing than rambling through the extensive courtyards and luxuriant orchards, fields and gardens within the agriturism. The Catholic cathedral, with its two characteristic steeples is only a few minutes walk from the estate, where you can bless yourself from the “miraculous” fountain and admire the beauty of the external gallery of frescoes and sacred paintings; a few minutes from there, you will find a typical old style Hungarian colonial house and the home of a famous writer who lived in Doroslovo. All has remained perfectly intact as in the olden days.

Vojvodina is renowned for its swarm of canals and lakes and is cut by the river Danube. The "Re di Quaglie" properties are bordered by a canal and the Danube, where enthusiasts can enjoy canoeing.

calcioThere is also a perfectly equipped soccer pitch, with changing rooms, for organizing friendly games between convention participants or even a small lively tournament.

But the real treasure of the Re di Quaglie village is the Equestrian Centre where splendid Lipizzaner breed riding and carriage drawing horses reside in their comfortable stables: there is so much to choose from a glorious gallop, or a carriage ride in one of the numerous carriages to enjoy a long trail through the woods or along the canals and the Danube.

folkloreFor those who enjoy fun, there are folkloristic displays: dances and violins, guitars and  accordion concerts.

piscina gazebo giardini giardini Fitness Fitness duomo cattolico canoa carrozza cavallo folklore

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